Brazilian Wood Home Kits

The advantages of the Sevico kit

  • All our kits can be modified according to your wishes, your needs and your budget.
  • Our constructions come in all sizes, following on from your imagination.
  • Our ready-to-assemble kits are delivered complete with assembly instructions, all construction elements being clearly indicated on the plan.
How our kits are made up

A Sevico KIT comprises all the wood or timber materials needed for the construction of a house :

  • the roof structure.
  • the exterior walls (double skin wall panels), and interior partitions (single skin wall panels).
  • doors, windows, shutters, flooring, staircase (if built on several levels) and terrace.

The kit is delivered in a container.

To complete your project, you need to plan for services provided for by various subcontractors, which are not included, such as :

  • foundations
  • insulation
  • electricity, plumbing and masonry
Example of inside
Delivered documents

All our kits are delivered with the following documents :

  • Certificate of origin – Form "A"
  • Certificate delivered by the Chamber of Commerce
  • IBAMA Certificate (delivered by the Brazilian Ministry of Environment)
  • VERITAS Certificate (Inspection & Conformity) and/or SGS together with all official export documents
  • Pest control certificate
  • Seaway bill of lading
  • List of items
  • Foundation plan
  • Construction plan
Kit plans

All our kits are first of all designed according to plan, whether it's a model from our catalogue or a design of your own choice.

You can download some examples of kit plans (pdf  format documents).

Plan example
Yours layouts

Wood is a noble and warm construction material offering you unparalleled comfort.

Some cosy designs imagined by our clients.

Outside arrangements :

Example of terrace of house Example of Square terrace

Interior arrangements :

Example of interior lounge Example of interior lounge

Chose the kit that most reflects your personality

A wood-frame construction offers great flexibility, allowing for a variety of forms and styles.

There are three possible options available to our clients in order for them to purchase our hardwood houses :

Standard kit:
Choose from the models provided in our catalogue.

Modified Kit :
We will adapt the standard kit to client's preferences.

Spécial kit:
Client can send us his project plan and we will adapt it to the Brasmerc construction system.

These three options are available in two different ways :

  • The complete wood kit, comprising exterior walls and partitions, roof structure and beams
  • The complete wood kit + complete joinery kit, comprising exterior walls and partitions, roof structure and beams + doors, windows, floorings, staircases….

For any questions you may have, Sevico is at your disposal for advice and help with your project. Don't hesitate to contact us, it's our job to advise and assist you.

Some realizations


kit Principe, house on piles Top On piles Bungalow of 128 m²


kit Brasil Top House of 213 m²


kit Parati, house on piles Top On piles Bungalow of 45.74 m²

Model St MORIZ

kit St Moriz Top House of 159 m²


kit Chalet Top Chalet of 60 m²