Brazilian Wood Home Kits

The quality of our wood

We use hard, heavy wood, all of Brazilian origin.

Species of wood used for our kits :

  • 80% Angelim Pedra and Grapia species
  • 20% Jatoba, Macaranduba and Cumaru species

All timber is extracted from the Amazon forest with respect for the ecosystem and without damaging the fauna and flora.

Origin of our wood

The timber used for our kits all comes from Brazil.

All our timber is certified and authorized by the IBAMA (Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Natural resources).

This label guarantees sustainable management of natural resources and timber logging.

It also guarantees sustainable preservation of the Brazilian forest, and particularly of the Amazon forest.

Assembly glossary

A brief glossary with illustrations to give you an overview of certain elements used :

Plain wall post
Plain wall post

Final plain wall post
Final plain wall post

Corner plain wall post 
Corner plain wall post 

Separation plain wall post
Separation plain wall post

Solid post
Solid post

Post with 5 cm space for insulation and cables
Post with 5 cm space for insulation and cables

Double partition wall
Double partition wall (height 14 cm)

Single skin partition wall
Single skin partition wall (height 14 cm)

Assembly techniques

The wood-frame enables a large variety of architectural designs and styles of construction.

The structure is composed of a uniform grid of vertical poles and of horizontal crossbeams and crossbars, which enclose the construction, forming the frame on which the wooden elements are assembled.

This construction technique consists of assembling a "skeleton" of vertical standard section poles.

Some assemblies

Thanks to the high load-bearing capacity of the beams and posts, a spacious volume is left for the interior living space, open and airy.

Example of a ceiling

Examples of partition assembly systems (cross-section).

Example of assembly systems

Techniques for partition assembly.
Refer to our brochure (PDF format) to see the progress of the assembly process.

Example of partition assembly Top

Download the PDF(200 ko)